Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mug Cozies

While you wait for the first shipment to arrive, why not get your mug ready by knitting it a warm and cozy coffee mug wrap? There are numerous free and for sale patterns available but my personal favorite is Danido Crafty's version. They are quick to knit out of dk or worsted weight yarn and work wonderfully for those little bits of handspun that are too precious to throw out. I apply little dots of puff paint to the back side to help grip the mug since most of my mugs are hand thrown and unevenly shaped. And I have to admit, one of my favorite things about this pattern is that it gives me an excuse to dig through my collection of old, mismatched buttons or the button bin at the craft store for the perfect button to seal the deal!

If you prefer a handle cozie, Danido has a pattern for that as well! I tend to cup my mugs in both hands for a full body coffee experience, so the mug wrap works best for me but if you are more of a little-finger-in-the-air-sipper then the handle sweater may be your cup of tea, er, coffee.

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